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The Top 5 of Everything 2010: Resto

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Girl and The Goat

Top 5 Restaurant Openings: Higher/Middle End
Davanti Enoteca
Girl and The Goat
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Restaurant Openings: Lower End/Ethnic
Franks ‘N’ Dawgs
Mac and Min’s
Del Seoul
Gaztro-Wagon (storefront)
M Burger
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Hangover Helpers
Op la, Saigon Sisters
Pork belly kimchi fries, Del Seoul
Sonoran hot dog, Big Star
Tempura fried pickles, Lillie’s Q
Griddled burger with a side of loaded fries, Edzo’s
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Chefs We’ll Miss (some will be back)
Rob and Allison Levitt (formerly Mado)
David Carrier (formerly Kith and Kin)
Paul Wildermuth (formerly of Opera—RIP)
Laurent Gras (formerly L20)
Jackie Shen (Red Light)
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Restaurants We’ll Miss
Masu Izakaya
May Street Market
CND Gyros
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Tacos
La Lagartija Shrimp Taco
Big Star Taco de Panza (Pork Belly)
Del Seoul Spicy BBQ Pork
Rockin’ Taco Tofu al Pastor
Mercadito Carne
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Desserts
Hot Chocolate, banana coffee cake
Girl and the Goat, frozen corn nougat
Mastro’s, warm butter cake
The Florentine, ricotta cheesecake
Aldino’s, grapefruit panna cotta
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Higher-End Dishes
Confit chicken thighs, Kith and Kin
Scallops with blood sausage and tangerine, Sepia
Lobster, strawberry sabayon, osetra caviar, Ria
Sweet corn fritters, Prairie Fire
Grilled beef heart with faro, Mado
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Lower-End/Ethnic Dishes
Goat curry (Khasi Ko Maasu), Chicago Curry House
Chili Chicken, Delhi 6
Filipino breakfast, Uncle Mike’s
Lamb brain (Mughuz masala), Shan Grocery
Fish and chips, Big and Little’s
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 “Sandwiches”
Moof, Bagel on Damen
Root-beer-glazed ham po’boy, Mac and Min’s
“Grilled cheese,” Sprout
Root-beer-glazed short-rib sliders, Sable
Pork shoulder naan-wich, Gaztro-Wagon

Top 5 Drinks
Girl and the Goat, Maker’s 46 old fashioned
Bar Deville, Sazerac
Sable Kitchen and Bar, Drunken Pig
Two Brothers/Urthel Moaten, Flemish-style Red Ale
Gilt Bar, Queen’s Park Swizzle
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 food-related experiences I assumed would suck, but were really good
Dinner at Tabor Hill Winery
Jalapeno and honey-tinged wings, Morgan’s on Maxwell
Garlic honey chicken wings, Chinese Yum Yum
Thai chopped chicken salad, Panera
M Burger
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Pastas
Wild boar pappardelle, Vivere
Sausage rigatoni, Davanti Enoteca
Brown butter caramelle, The Florentine
Bucatini carbonara, The Florentine
Spaghetti carbonara, Kith and Kin
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Soups
Ramen, Arami
Vegan butternut squash with Granny Smith apples, Bagel on Damen
Thai-spiced butternut squash soup, Tabor Hill
Red beans and rice soup, Mac and Min’s
King crab carrot soup, Macku
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Foods in “Ball” Form
Meatballs and grits, Gilt Bar
Palak kofta, India House
Anna’s veal meatballs, Aldino’s
Falafel, I Dream of Falafel
Croquetas de pollo, Pasha
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Pizzas/Flatbread
Girl and the Goat, Goat flatbread
Davanti Enoteca, Pizza della Fattoria
Zaytune, fresh lavash
Apart, Cacciatore
Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co., Mediterranean bread
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Vegetable/Salads
Gilt Bar, charcoal-grilled escarole
Girl and the Goat, black olive mezzalune
Sprout, licorice root salad
The Florentine, roasted cauliflower Calabrian chili relish
Tabor Hill, BLT salad
—Michael Nagrant

Top 5 Sausages/Charcuterie
Prairie Fire, house-made Mint Creek Farms Lamb Sausage
Romanian Kosher, salami—medium hard
SugarToad, Corned Beef Heart
Brand BBQ, Brandcheezie
Franks ‘N’ Dawgs, beef curry dog
—Michael Nagrant

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  1. Raj Says:

    Why does ethnic automatically get lumped in with “low end”? Is “high end” a whites-only designation? That thinking is so racist. Shame on you.

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