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The Big Heat #49: David Schneider

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David Schneider
Chef/Owner, Taxim
At his burgeoning Bucktown spot, Schneider is doing for regional Greek food what Rick Bayless did for regional Mexican food. And it turns out flaming cheese, pre-frozen gyro cones and dancing Zorba imitators are not part of that culinary heritage—who knew? Instead, Schneider’s turning Chicago on to pristine seasonal veg, like freshly shucked fava beans glistening with a spritz of lemon and dolloped with thick luscious yogurt, and house-made flatbreads. He also purveys a deep Greek wine list that will banish all those Retsina hangover nightmares from your brain.

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  1. Linda Says:

    Makes me want to visit Chicago just to eat here. I have been looking for good Greek food without the gimmicks.

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