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Fed Zeppelins: Grand Dukes Restaurant & Deli brings Lithuania to Chicago

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Photo: Joe Compean

Photo: Joe Compean

By Chris Chandler

The Lithuanian priests had finished their meal of wild boar and zeppelins, and were putting on their coats when one said to Andrius Bucas, “I feel when I open this door I will be stepping out into the streets of Vilnius.”

Bucas is proud of that moment, because he has tried to make his restaurant a home away from home for Lithuanians. The ancient maps and portraits on the walls include one of Vytautas the Great, who ruled in the late fourteenth century when Lithuania was the largest country in Europe, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. The cooks and waitresses are Lithuanian, and much of the food is imported. Bucas says you shouldn’t have the breaded pork tenderloin without the mushroom sauce, with two kinds of imported wild mushrooms.

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