Happy Memories: Reviving Cohasset Punch, a Classic Chicago Spirit

In April of this year, a classic Chicago liqueur, originally launched in the late nineteenth century, relaunched after a thirty-five-year hiatus. What started as a mere curiosity of mine five years ago slowly transformed into a quest to bring “Cohasset Punch” back from the dead.

Distinctly Taiwanese: Finding the Food of Formosa in Chicago

Searches for Taiwanese food in Chicagoland often turn up restaurants, usually Chinese, that have one or two Taiwanese items on the menu. They will usually offer at least beef noodle soup, generally recognized as the national dish of Taiwan. But there are a few places with a true Taiwanese focus, and they are worth seeking out.

A Hunger for New Flavors: Looking Back on Twenty Years of LTHForum.com

In all humility, I feel the city of Chicago owes LTHForum.com a debt of thanks, for shining a spotlight on the smaller, lesser-known places that contribute so vitally to the personalities of our 178 official neighborhoods and the character of this great food city.

Tasting the Past: Culinary Historians Archive Old Recipes, Preserve Our Culinary Heritage

Many have awakened to the importance of saving our culinary past. Impressive organizations, both international and regional, are protecting ingredients, organizing resources, collecting information. Happily, there are also more localized organizations that are working to rescue the ideas and traditions of previous generations in more focused areas.

Cultural Authenticity: Beyond Ingredients

The exceedingly common question “Is this dish authentic” is, on one level, almost meaningless. Of course, historically, eating well is far from being “authentic,” with starvation or a bowl of gruel being far more common than the meals to which we are accustomed. That said, even with abundance, there are elements besides the food that make a dining experience authentic.

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