Tasting the Past: Culinary Historians Archive Old Recipes, Preserve Our Culinary Heritage

Many have awakened to the importance of saving our culinary past. Impressive organizations, both international and regional, are protecting ingredients, organizing resources, collecting information. Happily, there are also more localized organizations that are working to rescue the ideas and traditions of previous generations in more focused areas.

Cultural Authenticity: Beyond Ingredients

The exceedingly common question “Is this dish authentic” is, on one level, almost meaningless. Of course, historically, eating well is far from being “authentic,” with starvation or a bowl of gruel being far more common than the meals to which we are accustomed. That said, even with abundance, there are elements besides the food that make a dining experience authentic.

Cheese and Hard Cider, Made for Each Other: A Conversation with Alisha Norris Jones

Earlier this month at this year’s Cider Summit, we attended a seminar offered by local cheese monger Alisha Norris Jones (Publican Quality Meats, Marz Community Brewing Company, Whole Foods). We had some questions for her, and her answers opened our eyes to the possibilities of enjoying the twin fermented products, cheese and hard cider.

Just Say Wow: Traveling Through the Tastes of Cariño

I knew I was going to like Cariño when, moments after we sat at the counter of this Uptown restaurant, we were served a kind of vase holding sheets of chicharrón, the fried pork skins served on streets all over Mexico and in Chicago neighborhoods like Pilsen and La Villita.

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