Wild Turkey: Splendid Sandwiches for the Day After Thanksgiving

Most Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches, no matter how creative and delicious, still taste for the most part like a Thanksgiving dinner, rearranged. I look forward to those Thanksgiving leftovers as much as the next guy, but I have different ideas about how to use them.

Not Just Corn and Soybeans: The Big Food Disconnect and How to Fix It

As people in growing cities began to disconnect from the work of farming, what people knew about farming diminished rapidly. In Illinois today, ninety-six percent of all farms are family owned. That’s roughly 70,000 family-owned farms, of which nearly 9,000 have been in the same family for more than a century.

A Taste of Home: Asian Street Food, Big in Chicago

The words “street food” are beginning to appear in the description of more and more Chicagoland Asian restaurants. I was interested in finding out how this dining culture was making the transition—and why. Was it meeting the needs of a growing population for which this was a taste of home? Was it reaching out to increasingly adventurous diners?

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