Holiday Deliciousness: Chicken Ballotine with Sausage, Herb and Pistachio Stuffing (Recipe)

I made a pheasant ballotine for my friend. It was lovely, but pheasants are lean little birds, weighing about two and one-half pounds on average—a small yield for all of the work involved. That sent me to the poultry farm for a better family alternative: A big, fat hen. The result was transformative: plain old chicken became a gorgeous feast.

The Sweep of History: Asia Meets Europe at Chicago Restaurants

Sitting down to a lunch of pelmeni (stuffed dumplings) and vareniki (also dumplings, usually stuffed with meat) at elegant Jibek Jolu, I smiled at what the meal represented. This was not just food, it was more than that; it was an illustration of the stunning sweep of history, of empires, migrations, and trade routes.

Wild Turkey: Splendid Sandwiches for the Day After Thanksgiving

Most Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches, no matter how creative and delicious, still taste for the most part like a Thanksgiving dinner, rearranged. I look forward to those Thanksgiving leftovers as much as the next guy, but I have different ideas about how to use them.

What to Drink for Thanksgiving Dinner? The Answer is Simple

When considering wines for a meal, the biggest question you can ask yourself is “what type of flavors am I trying to pair with?” Are these flavors savory? Sweet? Salty? Is the dish fatty or lean? Well, when you think about the foods on your Thanksgiving table, the answer seems to be YES to all the above.

The Cafeteria Is Coming Back: Or Maybe It Never Left?

You did it almost every day in high school. Take a plastic tray, slide it down the rails, and choose between platters like a cheeseburger or beef stew, then grab a plate of Jello resting on a bed of ice. Pretty boring. Now, with companies vying to get new workers to hire or older ones back into the office, workplace cafeterias are taking this old standby to the next level.

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