Not Just Corn and Soybeans: The Big Food Disconnect and How to Fix It

As people in growing cities began to disconnect from the work of farming, what people knew about farming diminished rapidly. In Illinois today, ninety-six percent of all farms are family owned. That’s roughly 70,000 family-owned farms, of which nearly 9,000 have been in the same family for more than a century.

Très Bon: Want French Food in Chicago? Visit Chef Michael Lachowicz

Chef Lachowicz is still preparing astonishingly good French food. His trajectory traces his time spent at the Culinary Institute of America, Les Deux Gros restaurant in Glen Ellyn, and the internationally acclaimed Le Français in Wheeling. “I was at Le Français for three years, but the partnership didn’t work. I blame it on ego,” Lachowicz admits. “And clearly, naming my restaurant Michael was ego.”

Super Simplicity: Sandwiches of Summer

Certain sandwiches are better suited for summer, whether due to the deck-friendliness of the cooking method or the lightness of the ingredients, the seasonality of the produce or the brightness of the flavors. Whatever the reason, there are some sandwiches that just seem right for summer.

Over the Influence: Go Brewing Puts Craft into No- and Low-Alcohol Beer

How buzzy—but not boozy—trends are reshaping the future. At first glance, Go Brewing seems like your regular taproom experience. There’s only one thing missing—and it’s a big one: alcohol. But you wouldn’t be able to tell from either the surroundings or the taste of the brew.

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